White girls that turn pink when they R thinking

by zest of yore



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the steam bases his premium name below an indicator

a sneak supporter treks beneath an overnight attack

our game hopes the humorous hook is outside the dot

but the sexy goodbye machine blows thick bubbles, everywhere

sniffing first ,

white girls are thinking

purses are clinking , and now they are turning pink

on the march

white girls are stinking

gasoline shrinking, and now they are turning pink

Under the Hood

bulls still prowl

oh, how they howl

here comes the hour of,

our awakening

it floors me gently

every time I witness, this sort of sea change

well outside the strange delights

of underwear museums

in town, where I can drown


released April 28, 2016
Music and lyrics by Stephen Pierce
All production by Stephen Fierce




Zest of Yore Austin, Texas

Tireless DIY composition man Zest of Yore Consensual Puppets
Denton TX
Born in OKC

unmatched work ethic

blinding creativity, says RSM

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